Join George Tuttle III of Tuttle Law at the 12th Advanced Forum on Import Compliance and Enforcement, November 7-8, 2023 in Washington, D.C. This 2-day, in-depth strategic conference covers U.S. and international regulatory changes impacting imports and customs compliance strategy. Connect with an established community of global import compliance, customs, and supply chain experts and absorb key takeaways from sessions covering highly complicated, evolving US import controls. Topics for sessions include dealing with UFLPA detentions, incoterms ambiguity, government procurement qualifications, and False Claims Act pitfalls.

For further information and to register, visit the conference’s website.

Details on the session where George will be speaking are below.

Title: Avoiding Incoterm Pitfalls to Achieve Seamless Global Sourcing: Navigating Risks, Ensuring Clarity, and Optimizing Contractual Trade Relations

Summary: This session explores the top pitfalls that practitioners should avoid when applying confusing and often contradictory Incoterm trade rules.

  • Avert ambiguity: Avoid disputes between buyers and sellers over the responsibilities and obligations outlined in the agreement.
    • CASE STUDY: A food import sale to China
  • Understand coverage: Addressing other aspects of the transaction beyond delivery of goods, such as the payment of goods, warranties, and intellectual property rights.
    • HYPOTEHTICAL SCENARIO: Passage of title
  • Avoid outdated provisions: Changes in transportation and logistics practices, as well as other commercial developments
  • Understand non-binding and non-application references in U.S. law
    • CASE STUDY: Electronics import from Kobe, Japan to San Diego
  • Understand lack of uniformity: Interpretation and application of terms can vary between countries and regions, leading to potential misunderstandings and disputes
    • HYPOTEHTICAL SCENARIO: Interpreting USA versus EU

Date/Time: November 7, 3:15 pm.


George Tuttle III, Attorney, Tuttle Law
Tom Gould, Vice President, Global Customs and Trade, Flexport
Thomas Cook, Managing Director, Blue Tiger International