Upcoming Webinar

What Brokers Need to Know About the USMCA

Thursday, August 27, 2020
10:00 AM to 12:00 PM Pacific Time

Cindy Deleon
Founder & Senior Trade Auditor
Deleon Trade LLC
Former CBP Auditor & Asst. Field Director

George Tuttle III
Law Offices of George R. Tuttle, A.P.C.

The role of the broker in preparing and presenting USMCA claims can be multifaceted. For many importers, the USMCA is still a mystery and importers will rely on the Broker to guide them through the process from determining whether a good qualifies to preparing and presenting a valid claim to CBP.  This webinar is designed to assist Brokers in further understanding the USMCA, and providing advice to their clients:

  • Overview of the USMCA Agreement: Resources and Key Provisions
  • Chapter 5: Presenting & filing claims for USMCA
    • Claims at the time of entry
    • Post entry claims
    • Single vs. Blanket Certifications
    • When a USMCA certification is not required
    • How to recognize a good USMCA certification: minimum Data Elements
    • Correcting errors and deficiencies in Certifications
  • How Brokers might assist in responding to CF-28’s and origin verification requests
  • The Role of the Broker in Understanding and advising clients on the USMCA Origin Rules (Chapter 4)
  • Limitations on Drawback and duty deferral Programs under the USMCA

This webinar will be presented by Cindy Deleon of Deleon Trade, LLC., and George Tuttle of Tuttle Law Offices. Cindy Deleon, a former CBP Auditor & Assistant Field Director brings over 25 years of trade compliance and auditing experience. She was a Senior Auditor and Assistant Field Director with CBP's, Regulatory Audit Division in Chicago for 12 years before establishing her own private audit consulting practice, Deleon Trade LLC.  George Tuttle, III is attorney with the San Francisco law firm of Tuttle Law Offices.  He has more than 35 years of experience in advising clients on matters relating to customs law and export compliance, including classification, valuation, country-of-origin, duty exemptions, and Free Trade Agreements, such as NAFTA; prior disclosure and penalty case resolution. 

Further information regarding cost and registration can be found on the LACBFFA website.