301 Sanctions – USTR Modifies Implementation Date for “List 4” Products

August 13, 2019

Today, the USTR released information on List 4 products. 

  • The list has been split into List 4A and List 4B.  
  • List 4A goes into effect September 1, 2019 and will be assessed 301 duties at 10%.  List 4A includes connected devices (8517.62.0090); printers and printer parts, scanner, speakers, computers other than laptops and tablets; foods; clothing (chapters 6101 through 6117; chapters 6201 through 6217); bed linens; blankets; tablecloths; footwear (chapters 6401 through 6406) and more.
  • List 4B will be effective December 15, 2019 and contains some apparel and footwear products, cellphones, laptops and video games, chemicals and more.
  • An exclusion process will be available.
  • Some items on the original List 4 HTS numbers have been excluded for health, safety, national security or other factors.

It is important to review the HTS numbers on both List 4A and List 4B.

Additional information will be published in the Federal Register as details become available.

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